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High Density Refresh Foam Gold

Top grade recovery spring-back foam 50kg density with a soft feel used for cushion seat replacement and mattresses where a top class finish is required – with a luxury feel.

Chip Foam 6 or 8 grade

Recycled foam glued together to produce a hard firm foam. Used in contract seating applications. Also used for acoustic applications. Usually laminated to other foams. available in a variety of densities

High Density Memory Foam

Nasa space age developed foam technology – a recovery foam used as toppers and overlays for mattresses. The material moulds to the shape of the body therefore providing support where needed without generating preesure points.

High Density Refresh Foam Pink

Top grade recovery spring-back foam with a medium feel used for seat cushion replacement and mattresses where a top class finish is required – with a luxury feel. Our most popular seat foam

Budget Foam

An economical light density white 21 kg polyurethane foam used for garden chair and seat pads, general low cost seating, headboards and packaging.

Medium Density Refresh foam

Soft to medium furniture foam 30kg density. Ideal for back or seat cushions and bolsters where soft/medium fill is required. Also used for medium density foam mattresses.

Medium Density Firm Blue

A firm supporting foam 33kg density with a variety of uses including replacement sofa cushions, mattresses, furnishings for home, boat and caravan. Often used in bars, hotel and office seating.

Medium Density Super Soft Refresh Foam

A silky luxury feel foam with a 33kg density, used for bolsters and seat/ back cushions on sofas.

All our foams meet the “Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988”. Please contact us with your specific requirements and one of our sales team will be able to advise as to which products will best suit your needs.

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